Amazing friendly instructor. Learned lots. Definitely will recommend to friends. (Craig S)

The course was very thorough. I personally learned a lot. (Annett D).


Before my G test, I wanted to just do another quick lesson to correct any remaining flaws in my driving. I did one lesson with Above the Best Driving School in Ottawa..... and then the next week I came back did another lesson with them again and then used their car for my Road Test. I PASSED AT FIRST SHOT!

Even though I only had 2 quick lessons with Above the Best, I found myself very comfortable driving with them. Their calm, patient and kind disposition immediately put me at ease. Their driving instructors gave me lots of helpful tips & tricks. It made me feel so confident and capable while still letting me know what I could improve and pay attention while I'm on the road!

I wish I had done ALL my lessons with this Ottawa driving school! They taught me things that not only helped me to pass the test but to be a responsible driver! (Francesca R,Ottawa)


After my friend's suggestion, I decided upon choosing Above The Best driving school in Ottawa. I completed the whole course in 2 weekends. I was really impressed with how the theory course was structured. The lessons were logically built on one another and everything was well explained by the instructor!

Their instructor was a great teacher not only in terms of knowledge but more importantly, teaching. Instead of a very linear approach that most teachers take, he made learning a flexible process. He made me understand my mistakes and taught me not to repeat those. I found the instructor to be very patient and explains things even thousand times, until you really become comfortable with your driving skills. I landed a perfect score on the final exam!!

I would highly recommend this Ottawa driving school to any new drivers looking for a comfortable and professional learning environment. (Jamie Burton,Ottawa).


It was overall a pretty good course. I liked the videos and the fact that we didn't waste any time. (Adam Lacrosse).


Learned about the road and the car very well. Best teacher for sure for a new driver. The price is extremely affordable. Thank-you! (Richard Neil).